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Lion is no shrinking violet.

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Lion is no shrinking violet.

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July 3, September 10, October 7, The Register. Naked Security. September 24, The Mac Observer. The gel-like appearance of most components was replaced with a slightly glossy and flatter look. Window backgrounds became slightly brighter and window corners were rounded.

Lion also added more animations.

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  4. OS X Mountain Lion brought only minor changes and changed the Dock's appearance into a frosted-glass style, with rounded corners, rectangular indicator lights, a new diagonal separator and a new Trash icon. OS X Mavericks dispensed with several rich and ornamental designs, reflecting the design overhaul in iOS 7. The applications Calendar , Contacts and Notes respectively lost their leather, book and notepad appearance all introduced in Lion.

    Linen textures in Notification Center and Launchpad were removed as well and replaced with simple gray backgrounds.

    Make iPhone’s iOS Look Like Mac OS X Lion

    Apple incorporated the same saturated frosted-glass effect, called "Vibrancy", across the system. A similar effect was applied to toolbars, but they maintained their gray appearance. Toolbar buttons became white and Apple introduced a more compact type of toolbar that removed the window title, but retained the toolbar buttons for example, in Safari.

    Certain controls, such as checkboxes and radio buttons, gained animations, whereas animations in other places were removed, such as the "poof" animation when removing an icon from the Dock and the "cube" animation when fast-switching to another user account. Apple changed the system typeface to Helvetica Neue.

    Make iPhone’s iOS Look Like Mac OS X Lion

    Yosemite also added a 'dark theme' you can turn on in the settings which makes the dock and menu bar black. The white toolbar buttons regained a slightly glossy look, the spinning pinwheel was redesigned and the Vibrancy effect was reduced in certain areas, such as Mission Control. The system typeface was changed once more, to Apple's own San Francisco typeface, concurrent with iOS 9 and following the typeface's release in watchOS in April The Windows version of Safari, in version 3, included a functional Aqua look and feel that was very similar to macOS.

    As of version 4, a more Windows-like theme was employed using the standard Windows user interface controls and window border. QuickTime for Windows uses the same theme as seen in older versions of QuickTime for macOS , with brushed-metal windows and Aqua buttons on top. Gray, white and blue are the three principal colors which define the Aqua style. Window toolbars, window backgrounds, buttons, menus and other interface elements are all found in either of these colors. Hello everyone, Booxter 2. Booxter now supports Mac OS X There are also updates to improve wireless sharing with your iOS devices, some interface updates, and some search site updates.

    Tags: booxter , mac app store , update. Permalink July 20th, Mac to iPhone wireless library sharing is not working for me under Lion Hi, I am having the same issue as Carl.

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    My Booxter library shows up on my iPhone, but is grayed out; and nothing happens when I tap it. Running 2.

    Mac OS X Lion on iPhone

    Is it possible to upload your own image to the cover image for books? It would be great if users were able to delete and add their own images.