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Jul 4, 3: You don't necessarily need OS X server. Purchase a MacMini or another iMac if you wish and use that as your dedicated 'file server'. All macs are capable of being a file server and judging from your post that's all you really want for the amount of users you have. File Sharing is in the Sharing Preferences Pane. It's fairly simple to work out what you need to do. For 1 you can purchase a UPS and connect the server to that.


That way data is protected from potential corruption caused by the 'shock' of a power interruption. For 2 don't just plan for the amount of data you've generated so far.

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Ditto for 3. Make sure your back-up solution matches the capacity of your server. Don't just stick with one backup either, have two or even three, the more the better. I've seen multiple back-ups fail to restore when a worst-case scenario happens and you really need a reliable back-up to work. Don't stop there either, test your back-ups. No good backing up ad infinitum and when the worst happens total failure you can't restore anything because of data corruption or media failure.

It's fairly rare but I have seen it happen. Have similar hardware handy just in case would be a good idea. The most important question to ask before starting out on this is: Jul 11, 9: Just wondering, if there is any option to have a single CPU to power 8 different independent Macs?

Jul 12, A product like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop is a very simple way to go and provided you have enough RAM and disk space can do exactly what you ask, with 8 separate virtual displays i. Virtualization is a fantastic way to utilize the full capacity of your hardware, since many systems sit idle most of the time. They'll run faster, but it means dedicating the machine to running only VMs. Jul 14, 8: Most of the features of macOS Server are being deprecated , including mail services.

Mail and other services are presently available on Server, though various of these will be removed with a future update.

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  2. Why you want a macOS home server, and how to get one going?
  3. Why you want a macOS home server, and how to get one going.
  4. Shared storage can use either a Mac or a network-connected storage device; what's called Network Attached Storage. Synology is one vendor of Network Attached Storage, and there are many others.

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    You'll want gigabit networking, if you follow this path. With the multiple displays connected to one system, you're envisioning a Linux system or some other classic timesharing system, and with multiple displays all being driven from one system. No Mac has enough expansion slots to drive all that; not with any sort of performance and any sort of resolution. Closest analog to classic timesharing these days is probably a Linux or Windows Server box or maybe a BSD server box with multiple thin-client displays.

    Those configurations very likely won't involve macOS, though.

    One of the more common approaches for these sorts of situations in recent years is Microsoft Office, the Google analog, or other similar software-as-a-service provider. Update Apple made it extremely easy to configure your computer for file sharing in OS X. Just open System Preferences and click "Sharing. A few seconds later, Personal File Sharing will become active.

    Turn an Old Mac Into a Home File Server!

    Look near the bottom of the window and notice the text "Other Macintosh users You are done configuring your server! Now you can go onto another Mac computer within your network and start accessing files from your server! Click "Go" from the menu bar and select "Connect to Server. In the "Connect to Server" window, type in the address provided to you by your Mac server. As your computer connects to the server, a window will open.

    After "Connect as: After entering the proper information, click "Connect. To access things like your desktop and user files, select the user name. To access more system-related files, select the hard drive's name. After clicking "OK," your server computer will appear in your Finder. Now you can add, subtract, manage, and view files wirelessly! In order to access your file server, it must be awake.

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    You may have to change Energy Saver settings in System Preferences to do so. Please comment, rate, and vote! Plug in an external drive and share its files through the mac network. When somebody connects to the network they have either the option of plugging in thru Ethernet or connecting wirelessly. How do I share the xternal drive through this mac server method.

    My New Mac Mini Plex Server!

    I like this because i have a powermac G5 running Although the hardware is free and the setup could be entertaining has anyone looked into the power consumption of one of the old G3 or G4 Mac towers? I have an old dual mhz G4 and the FarWar works great!! Trey booted to Getting The duals make it OK for most things and great as a file server!!

    I also got an old external TV box for it that works well. No HD though. With the Mac remote access software you don't even need local monitor, keyboard, or mouse unless you are having problems or installing the OS.

    Ways to use your Mac server

    I forgot to add that I'm also connected up to a Belkin Router so I can run it with or without wires. Long story - I'm thinking that I can just connect the G4 to the router, but that seems somehow too easy. Does the Collective Mind have any advice? The rest of my system runs on Win 7 and I have a copy of Ubuntu server.