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Seems like a very simple thing that they forget in all new versions of macs. Why do you want to minimise all windows Ryan? Press F11 again to bring them back.

Press the Go button and there you are. Oh, and yes that is great that you can copy a path the the clip board by using these ridiculous methods. However, it would be nice if you could paste it somewhere to go directly to the directory. This is why macs suck. I understand the duality between usibility and flexibility, but this is ridiculous. Another thing. Have the enclosing folder open in Finder. Open Terminal in Applications — Utilities. Drag the file whose path you want to copy into the open Terminal window.

The path is entered for you. For example, I dragged About Stacks. This was what I saw:. Another option involves buying and installing the most excellent Finder replacement called PathFinder. Control Click on a file and choose from the Contextual menu to Copy Path. PathFinder is totally worth it for many other reasons, but if you often need to copy a file path, then it would be a good choice.

How would you go about copying it to the clipboard? None of those options are text-selectable on my machine.

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Mac OS X Choose Show Path Bar and then go to a Finder window and select a file. The Get Info window shows the file path. Tags file , Finder , folder , path. Drag it into a Terminal window and the path to the folder will get inserted at the current cursor location. It's different from Windows, but works just as well. You can use Automator to create a Service that takes no input in Finder or any application and performs the following in a Run AppleScript action:. Not too elegant, but it gets the path of finder's frontmost window, opens a new Terminal tab, and uses cd to get there.

You can additionally use the clipboard utilities for the command line: pbcopy and pbpaste. You can pipe any path into pbcopy and access it from GUI utilities, e.

Quickly copy file path names in the Finder file explorer in Mac OS Mojave:

It is simple. Just go to finder. Click on view.

It allows you to quickly open a prompt to the current location. The simple answer is no, there is no location bar in finder. If you are comfortable with the Terminal. There is a contextual menu plugin called FilePathCM tha will get you the same result with a right click instead of a keyboard shortcut but it doesn't show a location bar. You can size the window down to be less obtrusive. The path bar might be a good alternative.

The path bar shows in which folder you are and let's you navigate back fastly. Unfortunately it doesn't let you copy paste an address directly. From Finder's View menu, check off "Show Path Bar" to turn on a clickable "breadcrumb" file path bar at the bottom of your Finder window, as shown. There you can click on any of the parent folders up the path of your current folder to navigate to it.

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Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 6 months ago. Viewed 70k times. It might help; you can drag your file from the Finder to the Open dialog to change the directory in the dialog to that file's directory eg. I have an issue with my trackpad which makes dragging especially difficult. You can drag a file into Terminal to print its path at the cursor. This will work with lots of other dialogs as well.

I'd really get the dragging trackpad thing figured out; it's really a pretty important action in OS X. This feature is not available "as is" in Finder. It is compatible with macOS Sierra.

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This works perfectly. Makes navigating to the right file or directory by keyboard a zillion times faster. It's really shameful that Apple doesn't include this essential feature by default. Regarding your edit: Just use the open command in Terminal. See the image how you will enable Path Bar: Once you have enables you can see Path bar at bottom of the window as the image below:.

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