Ps vita sdk for mac

Credits: frangarcj for pointing me on the right way to patch that feature. Fast, simpler, and efficient alternative to kuio by Rinnegatamante 3x smaller.

GitHub - psxdev/vitasdk-macOS: PlayStation Vita development environment for macOS

It allows elevated IO permissions of user applications and plugins using the original sceIo functions. This includes reading, writing, opening, and folder management within applications such as official games.

PS Vita Hacks!! MolecularShell FTP on MAC How To

It may also include getting stats, not sure. Version 0.

LastSeconds Fork v1. Add seconds showing to the Livearea statusbar clock. LOLIcon v1. Small vita shell ran from kernel that allows for actual overclocking. The error messages hold for 3 seconds and will show up when you open the LOLIcon menu. Be sure to save this configuration for default to disable for all games and for the games that you have profiles for.

The FPS counter has been limited to whatever process has the configuration, hopefully this helps the accuracy. Added more control hooks. Why is this a pre-release: I will have less time to work on vita stuff so I'm letting everyone have an adrenaline fixed build. Problems with this release: Input is not disabled on some games when menu is opened.

Some games do not disable button swaps with system ui save dialogs and such. System apps, when using exit game, will crash the system, do not do this. It does not work in the camera app.

Guiding Tech

Clarifying notes: Some idiots think I'm Silica and Pina. Just wew. His only involvement with the project was choosing "Little Idiots" over "Lots of Idiots". I choose the name because of an inside joke with the NPS team. Also because my works don't need to be sold on the name and I like people to know that. Expect better futures that were not possible with its predecessors like mhz. As it says on the wiki, increasing the arm clock register even more causes it to underclock. So mhz seems to be the limit with current methods. I say "current methods" because I don't want this to be in a screenshot like certain people.

It was simply a push for user plugin devs to use it.

Developing for PS-VITA ?

Just a little nudge. Existing user plugins have to be updated to use it, so don't delete kuio yet. Mac-Address-Hidden v1. MakePsmGreatAgain v1. Modifications to the PSM Developer applications. MiniVitaTV v0. Yes, the PS Vita screen is rather small, but I think it's kinda cute to play on it with friends while travelling or so.

Note that this plugin is still in beta stage and more features will be added, like the ability to assign controller ports, etc. Basically every controller feature that the normal PS TV has will be included. NoAVLS v0. Volume may be set to 21 at boot, however AVLS should be disabled. NoNpDrm v1. Features Exports PS Vita content license keys as fake licences. Bypasses expiration of PlayStation Plus and other timed licenses.

Allows you to run trial versions as full versions. Allows sharing PFS encrypted content unmodified non decrypted games across multiple PS Vita accounts and devices using generated fake license files. Imported games behave as purchased games and allow the use of game updates seemlessly downloaded from the Sony Interactive Entertainment Network PlayStation Network as long as these updates run on firmware 3.

Unity for PlayStation®Mobile – full release!

Games can also be stripped of their PFS encryption using tools such as Vitamin just as any other purchased games would. Using purchased applications on deactivated devices.

NoPowerLimits v1. Please dont complain if you corrupt anything becuase you hit PS while installing shit or something. NoPsmDrm v1. Features Exports PSM content license keys as fake licences. Bypasses expiration of PSM game licenses. NoPsmWhitelist v1. Installation Put noPsmWhitelist. Simple Overclock Plugin for Taihen. PSMPatch v1.

How to decrypt PSM Games tho??! About loading homebrew? Well this is a bit of a hack-y system. Battery percent display toggle. VSH Menu colours for minimal customization. Quick launch Settings or VitaShell. Back up PSN activation files. Edit config. As of version 2.


This fixes issues where certain games reset the clock rates back to default during a certain event or after sleep. Advanced menu - Added custom VSH colour option. You can now modify your colour codes to your liking!

This version changed the way you control the menu. User application and kernel plugin that allow to produce game card dumps and run them. Add 3. PSVita-StorageMgr v3. A vita plugin to run programs that do not get decrypted properly. This includes thing such as 3. How to use: 1. Add ref00d. Note for devs: The release version does not work with plugin loader and must be used in taihen config. Put keys. Special thanks: Team Molecule for feeding the p00r. To Silica for his mental illness actually caring about PSM which made us realize the headers weren't always in order.

How to install - Add remaPSV. Notes - The config menu is ideated thinking at games running at x resolution. On games running on lower resolution the config menu won't properly display.