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You got talent and the drive, so we give you what you need, free video editing software. And that way, we get to be a part of your origin story — which is pretty awesome.

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Learn how to record footage, fix your audio and create flashy effects, transitions and titles to make your gaming videos stand out on YouTube. Dodge bullets, explode buildings and master every VFX you need to make your own action short film with no budget. Save the world with lightning effects, 3D-model shields and a fly pair of super-boots. Brave the Western frontier with classic shootout effects, shotgun blasts and arterial spray. Build your own Galactic Empire with soldier cloning and learn how to make a Star Wars-style blaster effect. Suit up for battle with your own version of the iconic Iron Man heads-up display.

Let lightning flow from your fingertips or design a lightsaber to slash through the dark side. Create incredible sci-fi action sequences with Ryan Connolly and the Film Riot crew.

Claim your free license here. You'll be asked to share via social media first. If you don't see the social media links, check if you have AdBlock running. Clicking any one of the social media links will take you to the page with the download. You must complete the whole process, including clicking the link in your email, even if you have already installed the software.

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JavaScript is required to use this feature, please enable JavaScript for this page. Find out how. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Create Account Sign In. Figure 2. Steps include stitching together images from the two feeds, extracting the desired p view or the full 5. Even the newest PC systems can strain to complete those tasks if the software isn't optimized to share the load between the cores and the GPU.

Depending on the quality you stitch and application of stabilization and parallax correction using the D. With overlap and black space around the circular image projected onto the rectangular image sensor, the two feeds can combine into a 5. GoPro recommends identical Class 10 or higher memory cards, with a maximum capacity of GB per slot. Output codec options include H. There are several options for video resolution—5.

Users can also choose between stereo or degree directional audio. Clearly, users intending to produce and upload top-quality action videos want more than consumer-level specs to handle the raw video. They'll need plenty of RAM, and big hard drives, too. Every minute of stitched CineForm footage at 5. Even still images in megapixel resolution take up plenty of room. Rendering speeds for a degree clip depend primarily on how powerful your PC is.

Users are taking it upon themselves to benchmark the software and report the results on social media. One user remarked that it took more than seven hours to process a five-minute 5. Once they upgraded, the time was cut dramatically.


Intel's Navarro noted that the relationship between GoPro and Intel has been developing for about ten years. We worked with GoPro to understand all phases of the work.

The software is now heavily multithreaded and vectorized because the tasks involved are very CPU-intensive; the latest Fusion software now also includes GPU optimization using Intel Quick Sync Video for decoding input videos. The teams regularly communicated, with GoPro seeking technical information on multicore processing and Intel providing specifications, training, and software assistance.

The coordination has paid off for GoPro—according to reports, from the alpha phase through final release, rendering speed increased significantly.

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Consumers benefit from these optimizations in many ways, including experiencing a faster user interface and witnessing real-time previsualization during rendering. To fully appreciate the optimizations, users should adhere to GoPro Fusion's recommended system requirements:. Image stabilization for video recording refers to a family of techniques that reduce jitter while recording a moving image. Without compensating for pan and tilt, a visible frame-to-frame jitter can render the video unsuitable for sharing, so there are technologies implemented in the lens itself or in the optical path, before the sensor converts the image into digital information.

GoPro Fusion has standard gyro-based stabilization in the hardware, which ensures smooth source video and makes it possible to hold the camera at any angle. Inside GoPro Fusion Studio, digital image stabilization occurs as a post-processing step, after content is recorded.

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Product reviewers have been positive about this software feature. PC Magazine said Fusion Studio delivered "…footage that is incredibly smooth and steady. It even passed our torture test, delivering stable video when mounted to the vibrating hood of a farm tractor. Other cameras we put to the same test … delivered noticeably shaky results.

GoPro Fusion users have the ability to capture more video than they actually need, as the two offset cameras can pull in a degree image that is a round fish-eye view of everything captured below.

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Figure 3. The typical "fish-eye" view of a portion of degree capture. Imagine a skateboarder setting up for a shoot in a park; rather than installing multiple cameras on tripods around the venue, a user could set the GoPro Fusion camera up on a tripod somewhere near the middle of the scene, then get coverage of much of the area, as shown below. Figure 4. This would enable the user to perform tricks and stunts around the tripod, capturing the moves on both camera feeds.

Back in the studio—or even still at the park, using a powerful laptop—the resulting video feeds must first be "stitched" together in the software to remove duplicated data and provide a seamless view.

This is a compute-intensive operation—the software interprets pixels, matches shading, and merges the edges—which requires syncing the time stamps and using powerful algorithms. Refer to figure five for a representation of this step. Figure 5. Two high-quality feeds are stitched together into a single, degree video.